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Mining and Quarrying

Unleash Excellence Worldwide with Premium Mining and Quarrying Machinery Components.

Do you require dependable, quality replacement components for your heavy equipment within the mining and quarrying sector? Search no more! SJ Solutions, headquartered in the United Kingdom, stands as your reliable international ally, offering authentic, brand-new, and aftermarket spare parts to ensure the uninterrupted, efficient performance of your operations.

Civil Engineering

Material Extraction and Processing:

Robust equipment is utilized for excavation, borehole drilling, and explosive fragmentation to reach valuable minerals and materials beneath the earth's surface. This entails the reduction of substantial rocks and ores into manageable dimensions, streamlining subsequent processing.

Competitive Prices

Material Handling and Transportation:

Large-scale equipment is employed to manage, shift, and convey extracted materials at mining or quarrying locations. This task encompasses the loading of materials onto trucks, conveyor belts, or alternative transportation means, thereby guaranteeing an efficient flow and distribution system.

Civil Engineering

Site Preparation and Maintenance:

Sturdy machinery plays a pivotal role in the pre-processing of mining or quarrying sites, involving activities such as dewatering, screening, and material classification. Moreover, it provides essential support for tasks including maintenance, repairs, and equipment preservation, all vital to sustain operations and extend the lifespan of machinery.

Mining and Quarrying - Engine Parts

Our proficiency encompasses a broad spectrum of offerings meticulously customized to cater to your energy requisites:



  • Hydraulic Pumps: Essential for powering the hydraulic systems of excavators, guaranteeing efficient movement of the arm and bucket.

  • Track Chains and Shoes: Vital components that uphold stability and traction, critical for demanding excavation tasks.

  • Buckets and Teeth: Premium-grade buckets and teeth for optimal digging, breaking, and material handling.



  • Blade Cutting Edges: Robust cutting edges ensuring precise leveling and earthmoving capabilities are maintained.

  • Transmission and Torque Converter Parts: Crucial for power transfer and smooth operation, elevating overall efficiency.

  • Undercarriage Parts: Inclusive of track shoes, rollers, and idlers, enhancing durability and stability.


Wheel Loaders:

  • Bucket Linkage and Pins: Fundamental for efficient bucket movement and optimal load handling.

  • Engine Components: Comprising parts such as air filters, belts, and fuel injectors, preserving engine performance and fuel efficiency.

  • Brake Components: Brakes, discs, and calipers ensuring safe operation and control.

Crushers and Screens:

  • Crusher Liners: High-quality liners safeguarding crusher components and optimizing crushing performance.

  • Screens and Screen Media: Screens, mesh, and accessories for efficient screening and material separation.

Dump Trucks:

  • Suspension Parts: Encompassing shock absorbers and suspension systems, delivering smoother rides and enhanced stability.

  • Engine Cooling System Parts: Including radiators, fans, and hoses to maintain the engine at optimal operating temperatures.

Drilling Machines:

  • Drill Bits and Tools: Resilient and efficient drill bits designed for diverse drilling applications within the mining and quarrying processes.

  • Drill Rods and Casings: High-caliber rods and casings facilitating drilling operations.

Discover top-tier spare parts for heavy machinery within the mining and quarrying industry at SJ Solutions.

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