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Accuracy in Components, Unrivaled Machinery Performance.

Whether you're facing challenging excavator assignments or intricate infrastructure endeavors, SJ Solutions enhances the effectiveness of your construction equipment cost-effectively. We deliver essential machinery parts customised for the construction and heavy equipment sector, enabling you to establish a solid groundwork for your achievements.

Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering
and Infrastructure

Enhance the longevity of infrastructure in civil engineering ventures by fine-tuning heavy machinery with SJ Solutions' precision components.

Competitive Prices

Competitive Prices:
Unbeatable Value

We're dedicated to competitive prices, ensuring you get the best deals and exceptional value in the market.

Civil Engineering

Excelling in Diverse Construction Fields

Enhance construction endeavors across a multitude of sectors by leveraging the superior components to optimise heavy equipment performance.

Construction Machine Parts

Discover SJ Solutions' Comprehensive Range of Precision-Crafted Construction Components:

Your ultimate source for top-tier engine, transmission, brake, final drive parts, and more, tailored to diverse machinery requirements.

Hydraulic Components: Essential for lifting and transporting heavy loads, hydraulic cylinders, along with hoses, fittings, seals, and filters, ensure reliable hydraulic system performance, maintaining optimal pressure and preventing leaks.

Power Transmission: Gears, gearboxes, belts, pulleys, chains, and sprockets play a pivotal role in power transmission and equipment speed control, facilitating efficient power transfer across various machinery components.

Engine and Exhaust: Critical engine components like pistons, liners, valves, and crankshafts guarantee proper engine functionality, while exhaust system parts such as exhaust pipes, mufflers, and cooling system elements (e.g. radiators) regulate engine temperature and emissions.


Bearings and Moving Parts: Bearings reduce friction, ensuring seamless machinery movement, while wear parts like teeth, buckets, and drivetrain components (e.g. axles, clutches) support effective operation and component durability.


Control and Safety: Control valves maintain fluid flow and pressure in hydraulic systems, electrical components such as switches and connectors facilitate machinery operation, and safety measures including guards and shields safeguard the well-being of operators and workers.

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